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At AKT we offer programs which are both fun and educational that enthuse and inspire our performers, participants and audiences imparting and inspiring skills which last a lifetime.  Our programs are delivered by way of workshops, stage productions, video productions and lectures and aimed at building our participants' confidence and creativity through the performing Arts, speech & Drama & Entertainment.



A group of determined and like-minded individuals got together to work towards the recognition and appreciation of traditional folk arts. And thus began AKT Creations in 2011 to bring an awareness about the Indian traditional arts. The common thing that bound us was a deep passion and enthusiasm towards the love of Tamil language and traditional arts. We felt a calling to revive the arts and culture of the Tamil community, and help promote the interest in mother tongue language for children.

The enthusiasm to know more about traditional arts and to be proficient in all its forms is the life force for the team behind AKT. We made it a point to attend art-related classes, workshops and masterclass seminars in India and took it back to Singapore to spread the zeal among the Tamil-speaking community.

In the beginning, the efforts to reach out to people was quite an ordeal and our journey towards the dream destination remained a challenging task. But gradually we began to connect, promote and expand our audience.

In the process, AK Theatre, a non-profit organisation, was founded in 2013 with a prospect to keep the Indian culture alive among the younger generation through theatre productions. We designed stage plays that celebrate traditional forms of theatre such as koothu, karagam, kummi, parai, villupattu, musical theatre, clown theatre, puppetry, marabu and many other folklores. Cultural and language festivities, specialised programs, stage productions, workshops, TV shows, competitions and cultural camps were periodically organized, often free of charge, to help benefit many students on knowledge of folk arts.

It has been our vision to empower every single audience who come for our production, our workshop or our training sessions. We believe that every single audience walking into our space will be an ambassador not just for the performing arts, but for the language and the objective that we are advocating in our works.

Now, a decade later, we can assert that we have been successfully imparting life skills through creative workshops, interactive stage productions, cultural camps, school shows and digital classes to educate and empower the young children in Singapore. 

Together, we have been striving to present the traditional heritage of Indian arts to the global market, and we can proudly claim that we are making our mark in the world of traditional arts. 

MISSION (2021)

AKT firmly believes that there is a pressing need to reach out to the young mind of today’s youth as they are the roots of tomorrow’s society, which need to be nourished and sustained. 

We aim for the revival of traditional art forms and mother tongue language recognition and share a strong desire to engage and expand the children’s imagination through art. With this purpose, we have been conducting many educational entertainment programs to commemorate our deep-rooted heritage via theatre workshops, stage productions, storytelling sessions, folk arts/literature workshops, video productions, school assembly shows and lectures.

In the last few years, our services have extended to about 65000+ children who have participated and benefited from our programs conducted for promoting Tamil arts and culture.

In 2016, we started AKT Festival as an annual event to strengthen cross-cultural ties among the multi-community base living here. Our intent here is to renew the traditional art forms of storytelling and theatre through workshops. We introduced a marathon storytelling session called ‘Storython’, the first of its kind, with continuous story telling in 4 different languages, including Tamil.

Anandha Koothu or a Certificate Diploma course on Indian Musical Theatre, in affiliation with the University of West London, was launched in 2019 to provide learning access to theatre-interested youngsters and adults. It is an internationally accredited art-enrichment program on traditional arts and theatre forms that qualifies one to come up with their own production stories.

We aspire to keep the Tamil language and Indian culture alive for today and many more tomorrows. We trust that even after our time, the forthcoming generation will take it upon themselves to work towards the upliftment of our traditional art forms and marabu songs. 

It is intensely fulfilling to work towards a mission of promoting art appreciation and bring together communities through varied art enrichment programs. Sensing the participation and feedback coming from teachers, parents, students and audience, AKT is glad that they are contributing to the betterment of our Tamil community and will be continuing to do so in the years to come. 


We believe in the core values of transparency and professionalism with the right mix of head and heart. We deliver our work with integrity, responsibility and passion.


We take the responsibility of giving value to society, by inspiring and nurturing one’s creative potential. Our performance standards and value ethics will remain our greatest strength and focus. We strive to provide hands-on, interactive and meaningful activities through purposeful play and meaningful curriculum acquisition.

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