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About the Play

Aramm, as the name implies, is a compilation of stories on the fundamental basis of human nature such as integrity, ethics and everyday values. It is a bouquet of stories interwoven with dance, songs, music and drama, presented by children and experts. The stories will be delivered to the audience in Tamil on our digital platform showcasing the art forms such as Puppetry, VilluPaatu and Therukoothu. 

The performance will be centred upon a group of students performing for a storytelling event (kadhai thiruvizha) of their school, where the children take up well-known tales and enact using traditional art forms. In short, it is a set of stories presented by children representing various art forms for the benefit of children-audience. Other than being entertaining, it also inadvertently helps the children to display their performance and skills, in addition to storytelling.

The stories and art forms are accordingly selected to suit and hold the interests of the younger generation. 

We will be employing the art techniques of VilluPaatu, with a group of children narrating the story in a creative musical format with appropriate songs and chorus to suit the group performance.

Puppetry is always an amusing part of children’s storytelling. We will be using puppets as main characters in one segment of the play. They never fail to entertain the young children as they look seemingly inanimate but can communicate and articulate their thoughts well. 

Therukoothu is another art element in the play. It provides a mix of music, dance, dialogue and is catchy in its performance, providing a very dynamic theatre experience.