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Based on True Singaporean Story

About the Play

Singai Productions series has been successfully producing shows based on Singaporean events, legends and folklore. Singai Productions is one of the many series of creations from AK Theatre since its inception in 2013. Our next production and the sixth of the series is ‘Bala’, a tale of an elephant that had grown up in Singapore before being sold to the Great Indian Circus. 

Each of our production has handled different formats of theatre styles and art forms, while entertaining and educating the young students. The feedback that we have received from Singa, Parameswaran, Kattiyangaran Manickam, 700 years ago in Singapore and Nool have been so positively overwhelming and inspiring for us to go ahead with our next adventurous project, ‘Bala’. 


Bala happens to be a young elephant famed for his antics in the circus performance in India. He narrates his story to the audience through a flashback of series that begin in Singapore. The happy innocent life of the baby elephant is shown through the first-person narrative of Bala himself. He plays along happily with the villagers and fellow-animals of the zoo he is living in. The owner Lawrence takes care of him well, but Ramesh has a hatred towards Bala because of some misunderstandings and he tortures Bala. A series of chaotic events later, Bala loses his freedom and is confined to a space. Some days later, a panther is seen attacking a small child. When all the villagers panic and flee, Bala comes to the rescue of the child after a fierce fight with the panther. The child and the villagers are relieved and grateful to Bala. Very soon he is sold to the Great Indian Circus and comes to India. He learns many tricks and leads his life in contentment. Bala asks the audience which is the real home – where he grew up, where he is now placed or where he was originally born. The truth is that home is not about the place; it is where the heart connects, where people matter, where memories are created and where happiness lies.

Tickets Booking - Schools

BALA - School Booking Form

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For Enquiries

Contact us

Whatsapp(text only): +65 81391343


Frequently Asked Questions (School Bookings)

  • What is the duration of the play?

The play runs just under 60 minutes


  • Can you give us a flexible time slot?

Yes, you can opt for a flexible time slot. Please do write to us the size of your class and we can arrange an alternate time for you.


  • Are we allowed to have breaks?

You can briefly pause the video and resume a few minutes later. We can allot a margin of 10 minutes break. The portal will be open for an additional 15 minutes to the total play time.

  • Can I have a zoom conversation with the cast or the crew?

Yes. We would love to have a post-talk with your students. Kindly confirm the number of students and we can arrange for a zoom talk with the cast or the crew.

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