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Celebrating Anandha Kannan

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Celebrating Anandha Kannan - Nanba, Knight of Tamizh & Heartthrob

Nanba... there was no one else but only you who used this word the most & gave it life.

You walked into my life when I dreamt of making Singapore's 1st Tamil feature film, Elamai Enbathu. The dream never realised but you cheered me on when I started a new career & produced my 1st Vasantham programme, the telefilm 'Chakra'. Kaushalyah Orappan , SS Vikneswaran, Faizar Hussein, Nanthakumar Thamichelvan, Alice Inoz, Yogeesha Preshant Thiru, Mohd Hanif, Alfaseeh Maricar, Shirin Rei Prithu, Nakkeeran நக்கீரன், many others & I will always be grateful for that.

We used to meet in Chennai when I was making my 1st Film, Chennai 600028. You were a heartthrob of every household with SunTV... VJ & Sindhubaad. We laughed about the numerous mommies / maamis who wanted you to marry their daughters while you were already married to beautiful Rani. You knew where your heart was always. The many nights at Southern Crest rooftop will be remembered. Venkat Kumar Premgi Amaren & I will always be grateful for that.

You were the hero of my drama series, Kadhal Channel, the host of Enna Nadakkuthu Season 4, the guest of many series I produced for Vasantham. Your never once turned down my request. I loved having you whenever possible in my creative journey. Karthikeyan Somasundaram & I will always be grateful for that.

I admired your love for Tamizh, Theatre, therukoothu, the forgotten village arts & your signature thalappa. You daringly assumed the role of 'Guardian of the Arts' here in Singapore even though it put you through many trials. You never once backed down. You were the founding member of RDG Theatre group. Tamizh & the arts are synonymous. You... my Nanba.. are the KNIGHT OF TAMIZH! Vadi Pvss Selva Avant , R Chandran Rama, Ravee Vellu S, the entire Arts fraternity & I will always be grateful for that.

Naraen Thiran recently created a segment in his Vanakkam Singai series in honour of you. In his words, you gave life to the segment beyond what he imagined. Kalai Selvan Uncle & SS Vikneshwaran turned you into the forever memorable 'Oor Kuruvi'! These were just a couple of your TV achievements! We will be always grateful for that.

You always teased my daughter, Sruthi, by calling her your sister. I always teased you for forever remaining young, Markandeya! I will always be grateful for that.

You had the heart & mind of a teenager. You had the heartiest laughter. You beamed with the biggest smiles. You spoke your honest mind. You wished everyone well unbiasedly. You helped everyone unconditionally. You emitted positivity to all around you. You will my dear Nanba, live on young forever in all our hearts, your creations, our creations & your precious aKt.

Love you always Nanba! May your energetic voice & hearty laughter always ring in my head celebrating you!

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Celebrating Anandha Kannan. A cheerful man full of energy, i...


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