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Celebrating Anandha Kannan

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Remembering Anandha Kannan .. I was only an 8 or 9 year old kid when I travelled all the way to Pulau Ubin with my sister and, a bunch of kids, WITHOUT MY MOMMY, to act in Kaanbom Karppom or Siruvargal Nangal, not sure though..

When we reached, I was so afraid that I was clinging on to my older sister and refused to let her go, as she was casted in a different episode with a different team. Then out appeared this warm face lit with A HUGE, HYPNOTISING SMILE, introducing himself as my director for the day and assured that we were going to have a wonderful time.

To be honest, it wasn't fun AT ALL.... Wrapped up in a saree and acting as the oor naattaamai's wife, in a village with an "Arakkan" problem!! And do not even get me started with my peeing troubles in the middle of NO WHERE, wrapped in layers of saree!.. But you laughed, you smiled and always kept an eye on me and made sure an AP was always monitoring and assisting.. Maybe you knew that I was trouble, but your smile told me otherwise.

Everytime I messed up my lines, you very patiently reminded me that naattamai's wife is a strong person and the village depended on me. And slowly, i started clinging on to you.

Once everything was over and we were back to sg at night, every kid left, except my sister and I, as she had some pending scenes left hence she had to shoot somewhere near the office. Tears rolled down AGAIN! But nope. You appeared, and volunteered to stay with me in the van throughout my wait, played games, shared stories and guarded me while I had my nap.

When my parents finally came, my mom knowingly asked how much trouble i had caused without her.. AGAIN, you smiled, patted my head, and told her that i was a brave little girl, and you walked away slowly... In my eyes that day, you seemed like a HERO! My 1st, beautiful memory of you!

Thank you AK annae, my first director... And of course I got the pleasure to remind you about this encounter many years later, when we met for Savaal Singapore.. And how amazed I was that you remembered the crying little girl very well and how hard you laughed knowing that it was me..

Now, I will celebrate you with these memories as a blessing. Go on and spread your kindness and warmth up in the heaven annae.. ❤️ #anandhakannan #rememberinganandhakannan #gonetoosoon


Celebrating Anandha Kannan. A cheerful man full of energy, i...


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