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Celebrating Anandha Kannan

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This kind legend should not be kept in pictures, but in our hearts.

I knew Anneh since 1999 from Ravindran Drama Group. Learnt a lot, not only about acting, but also about life. A very humble and genuine person. Never seen him angry at all. We don't meet often, but he always would be approachable and smiling when met. Never missed seeing him in media .Made us proud internationally. Thank you SIR.

Well, at least your pain are at ease. Till we meet there if can.

Your family will be taken care by love ones as you were loved by everyone. You shall be in the book of Singapore history for ARTS. Take care Nanbah.

Like what M.J. said - Gone to Soon.

P.S- If there is a chance to be involved in AKT, I will be there.

Beloved Isadebz


Celebrating Anandha Kannan. A cheerful man full of energy, i...


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