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Celebrating Anandha Kannan

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There are some people that touch every single soul they meet. You made me feel like family. But as thousands cry for you today, I realize that is how you made each one of us feel AKT Creations Ananda Kannan.

There was a charm in your smile, a twinkle in your eye - I cannot and do not want to believe you are no more A.K.

When I first moved to Singapore, I was the star-struck 90s kid, bewildered by the down-to-earth persona I met. It took me by surprise, that such a popular celebrity could be so genuine and I longed to work alongside you.

You were the true definition of a leader, a patron of the arts, and someone who always cheered for the underdog. Every time I met you, you encouraged me to unschool Kavin, to revive the arts, to keep that spirit of appreciation for our language in our souls. I have been inspired in so many ways - from the way you treat children, the way you treat your team, and the way you said the show must go on.

The theatre artist in you left me spellbound and I was surprised by your cool head as Director, Host, and Facilitator - come what may. The most astonishing thing to me though was how you would value my feedback. How you made me feel important and took every suggestion I gave with grace - never once arguing, never proving a point, never explaining yourself. You ALWAYS LISTENED.

I wish I had more time to learn such grace from you. I wish the world knew what kind of man you were ....

When Appa came to Singapore he met you for 5 min - but he walked away feeling loved, respected, and listened to. That was the kind of person you were.

When introverted Kovalan visited AKT, he usually hung in the shadows awkwardly. But you always made it a point to talk to him, even when you were in a hurry sometimes getting out of your car... to greet him. My Kovalan with two left feet, who has never got on stage, who is the shyest person I know was inspired to take up folk dance lessons because of YOUR PASSION for our folk arts.

I wish I could tell you that today A.K.

When Kavin acted with you for the first time the kindness and patience you had with him brings tears to my eyes. Tears along with guilt, that I had to cut his theatre classes this year, and deprived myself of the last chances of seeing you. A.K. Every single child in Singapore that has spent even 5 minutes in your presence has received the most beautiful gift of unadulterated love and attention from you.

I wish you could hear the cries of countless parents and teachers who cannot take your loss.

Many people have shared with the world - what a down-to-earth soul you are. I will never forget the day, I found you sweeping and cleaning up the studio that you had rented out for the unschooling kids programme. You never had to do that A.K. You never had to come in early and help set up the place. But you always went the EXTRA MILE.

I wish you knew how much I appreciated your thoughtfulness and humility and strived to be more like you.

A.K - I feel blessed to have known you and worked with you and chatted with you in the few short years I have lived in Singapore. I can imagine the so many other lives you have deeply impacted with your kind words and time.

Too soon A.K . Too soon.. You have left a remarkable legacy behind with shoes too big to fill. I wish the world knew more about your contributions to the arts, your passion for theatre, and your guts to follow your craziest dreams.

I have had the privilege of listening to some of your grand dreams and I promise to fulfill at least a small part A.K. For I can hear your voice in my soul ....

The Show must go On Krupa ...

Beloved Isadebz
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Celebrating Anandha Kannan. A cheerful man full of energy, i...


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