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Celebrating Anandha Kannan

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My words will always fall short dear anandha kannan or AK as u are known to the whole indian community . You have done so much to n for our indian tradition culture. You have seeded this plant and i am very sure it will grow into a tree in your name. Such a humble, sweet , full of smile n enthusiasm human being i have known . Since 90s when i 1st got acquainted, u never change not even a slightest till this day.

The word airs was never ever in your dictionary.

You never failed to acknowledge when ever we bump into each other.

So much i want to share but honestly i cant get myself to text.... but will never forget the one such incident. There was this day 6yrs ago . i was not well n waiting for my hubby to come by to bring me from my office at serangoon cc to see a dr, coincidentally you pass by and realizing the situation you offered your assistance to bring me to a Dr. how can i forget that AK only a man with a kind big heart will be willing to do so. "Eruthalum maraithalum

Yevarpola yaar endru oor sola vendum " you stood by this statement my dear brother. I sincerely know your dreams , your desire will be carried forward by your loveones n good friends from AKT.

Be their strength and take the well deserving rest my brother. To you i was known as Mrs Nathan . Bye Ak till we meet again.


Celebrating Anandha Kannan. A cheerful man full of energy, i...


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