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Celebrating Anandha Kannan

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Dear Kanna, we spoke over phone many times and met a few times, in those little encounters, you have displayed humility, politeness, respect and great appreciation for the small help I rendered. Though small help, you would always remind me that you owe me one.

It is not help, it was my duty. So you don't owe me anything, Kanna.

Your way of addressing me 'ma' shows the love and respect you have for fellow humans. Despite achieving so much at this age, you stay humble all the time. Respect you Kanna for your contribution to our Tamil community, culture, arts and our language. Many of us certainly miss you especially your smile and your unique way of talking. I pray for your soul to rest in peace Kanna.


Celebrating Anandha Kannan. A cheerful man full of energy, i...


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