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About the Play

AK Theatre is launching Jill, a Tamil musical in the digital podium targeting preschoolers and lower primary students. AK Theatre is presenting a Tamil online musical performance that appeals to the young generation in the comfort of their own homes. The presentation will be rich in the Asian culture and arts and a colourful background.

The aim of this productions series is to use theatre to emphasize to children the importance of inner beauty and to create a learning journey that stays in the young minds as they watch the play.

Jill brings out the wonders of puppetry and limitless imagination to the young ones inspired by Asian folktales. The storyteller introduces Jing and Jak as two good friends. In a small incident of hurt ego, an offended Jak flings words at Jing by making fun of his size and taunts him for losing games. Jing gets hurt with his words and finally challenges Jak for a race and says whoever wins here is the real champion. Jing meets the storyteller and talks about his feelings and concern. The storyteller says that the wise Jill, the Sang Kancil deer is the best person to help them out. He recounts the story of Jill and how it outwitted a group of crocodiles and escaped without getting hurt. How Jill helps Jing to play a trick and makes Jak realize his mistake forms the rest of the story.


The 2-in-1 stories from the performance leave a message for the young viewers on friendship, negating of egos and presence of mind. The roles of Jill, Jing and Jak are played with life-size puppet costumes through Paavai Koothu. Animal stories narrated through puppets are always endearing for the kids to relate to. Catchy captivating songs and sing-along activities in Tamil are other appealing features for children.

Show Details

Show Timings: 24, 25, 26 & 27 June 2021 (6 PM SGT)

Venue: Online -
Ticket Fee: Free Admission


Suitable for children aged 4 to 8 

Tickets Booking

  • Sun, 27 Jun
    27 Jun 2021, 6:00 pm SGT
    27 Jun 2021, 6:00 pm SGT

Sponsors & Partners

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