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MAGO Savaal

MAGO Savaal is a 2-day online Tamil workshop which is an arts-integrated series that stimulates knowledge and thinking in Tamil through everyday activities based on performing/traditional arts and Tamil language. The interactive workshop spanning over 2 days will have a story where the students are involved to complete the tasks to achieve the final goal. The participants are actively engaged in simple activities with conversations leading to an awareness of the Tamil language usage beyond textbooks.

It is a first-of-its-kind online interactive activities which incorporates challenges conducted entirely in Tamil. Students will be participating from the convenience of their homes and can access the application from their laptops, computer or hand phones. The students will form a part of the storyline and be engaged in tasks such as completing a language task or displaying a traditional art performance to complete the workshop and emerge successful. They will also garner the support of the parents to be part of the tasks. They will be absorbed in the virtual task of gaining their scores after a completion of a task by performing or uploading results/tasks, all in Tamil language. 

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Workshop Objectives

Our objective is to empower primary school students in the awareness and greater use of Tamil language that goes beyond school textbooks. The participants will speak in Tamil language while answering quizzes or carrying out language and performance-based challenges through activities, discovery and exploration in a fun and interactive manner, as they move ahead to achieve their target set in the story.

Our objective here is to promote the use of Tamil language among the young students by providing opportunities for them to converse as they get engrossed in the tasks and challenges. During the session, students will be handpicked randomly to answer questions, enact or give explanations for their answer.

Program Details

Date: 8 & 10 April 2021
Time: 5 pm to 6.30 pm (SST) 


Who is this program for?

Age: 9-12


Free Admission

what will you learn in this program?

  • Awareness that using Tamil in everyday situations is not a challenging task

  • Individuals will be answering the questions in Tamil and explaining in Tamil to score points to achieve the target

  • Learning new Tamil words (e.g. sink in Tamil)

  • Gaining confidence to converse in Tamil easily and shed inhibitions


This form is for single student only
(For Additional students please fill again)

Terms and Conditions

  • Do note that the basic disciplines observed in school-based learning will be needed to adhere to our programs. Anyone found breaching the codes or terms of our program will not be permitted to continue.

  • Photographs and videos will be taken during the program and shared with the participants as memories of their experience. These may also be used for our training and marketing purposes. 

  • Participants agree to indemnify the firm and the instructor against any damages or injuries that may be sustained to themselves, or their belongings, during the workshop.

  • The copyrights of the program belong to AKT International. Infringement is a criminal offense.

  • The host retains the rights to remove a participant without citing any reasons.

  • AKT reserves all rights to make changes or update these terms and conditions whenever necessary. In case of any dispute, we reserve all rights to make the final decision.

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