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Celebrating Anandha Kannan

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Dear AK anna,

Apart from anchoring you have touched so many lives by promoting "Tamil Ethinic Arts" in your country singapore by doing this you will always live in the hearts of all Tamilians.Those unexpected phone conversation with you through my Uncle's Mobile truly exhibits that warm nature and energy you showcased on TV was not for the cameras but who as a person you are. And the happiness in ur voice when I could able to recollect the Indian television show done long back by you was unforgettable.You became an inspiration for many.You showed how one should celebrate life amidst of all struggles by Your Ever smiling face,Humility and Encouraging attitude.

Love you Anna !!

In these tough times, May Christ be with your family and strengthen them.

Beloved Isadebz


Celebrating Anandha Kannan. A cheerful man full of energy, i...


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