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Celebrating Anandha Kannan

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It took me some time to digest that l can no longer keep in touch with one of the most beautiful souls l have had the honour of knowing. AK was and will always be a blessing to all who have crossed paths with him. I always teased him about never aging and he'll say that l am being too kind. But it was actually he who was kind, compassionate, friendly and passionate about everything. He always encouraged others and never had airs about him. Love his sense of fashion and his charm. I will always treasure the friendship and the laughter we shared during the times when he hosted our CC events. Go in peace, my friend. You will always be an irreplaceable treasure to many of us 🤗💗

Kumaran Pv Malai
Akt Krishnna Kumarri Akt Krishnna Kumarri


Celebrating Anandha Kannan. A cheerful man full of energy, i...


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